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  • Personal Hero Rankings

    Get ranked on every hero you play, see how you stack up against the competition and try to break into the top 100!

  • Detailed Builds

    TrueSight details the exact item build for every player in the match, showing times and grouping multiple purchases.

  • Kill and Death Economy

    See how Gold changes hands from kills, assists, deaths, suicides and buybacks.

  • Hero Kill Rivalries

    Color coding and heat maps quickly show the story of who killed who during a match.

  • Item Time Comparison

    Compare the times players acquired key items to understand how power gains may have effected the game.

  • Farm Charts

    Minute-by-minute comparison of last hits, gold and experience helps identify winning lanes and matchups.

  • Vision Statistics

    Complete analysis of vision including wards, dust, smoke and gems give support players the statistical tools they have been craving.

  • Objective Statistics

    Compare tower and barracks kills and denies, structure damage and Aegis, Cheese and Rune objectives.

  • Detailed Combat Log

    Custom tailored and filterable combat logs explain how different types of events lead to a swing in advantage.

  • Hero Rankings List

    Easily see where you rank on each hero and find opportunities to get ranked on new heroes.



TrueSight is a Dotabuff Plus feature that analyzes all of your matches to provide incredibly detailed statistics. It saves you time and gives you more insight from each match you play. Learn More.

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Track your progress. Discover new strategies. Always be improving. Learn More.

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