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Dotabuff Plus helps you build on the enormous progress you've made in Dota 2 with advanced match analysis and personal improvement tools.

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Dotabuff Plus shows you where you stand on every hero and gives you the tools you need to improve.

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TrueSight Reveals Important Match Details

You've spent thousands of hours in Dota. What have you learned? TrueSight analyzes your replays so that you don't have to.

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Farm Statistics

Easy to read charts and tables tell a story about gold, experience and last hitting for each player.

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Kill and Death Economy

See how Gold changes hands from kills, assists, deaths, suicides and buybacks.

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Personal Hero Rankings

Easily see where you rank on each hero and find opportunities to get ranked on new heroes.

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Combat Logs

Filterable combat logs explain how different types of events affected the match outcome.

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Comparative Farm Charts

Minute-by-minute comparison of last hits, gold and experience helps identify winning lanes and matchups

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Item Timeline

Detailed item builds for every player in the match, showing times and grouping multiple purchases.

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